Subscription Payments

Understanding your SleekFlow subscription payments


All payments made to SleekFlow is completed through Stripe as SleekFlow does not store nor process payments. Details about their security setup and PCI compliance can be found on Stripe's security page.

Trials, Plans and Add-Ons

SleekFlow offers a free account for you to try our key features. No credit card is required during registration. Simply sign up and scan the QR code to start sending messages.‌ Afterwards, you can start a pay to upgrade with a SleekFlow subscription to access premium SleekFlow features like Campaign and Automation, and add your own channels into the platform. You can choose between our Pro and Premium plan according to your needs or speak to our product specialist for tailored Enterprise plans.


Each SleekFlow plan comes with one WhatsApp Business integration. Additional WhatsApp integration will be charged at US $29/month if you want to add more than 1 number for WhatsApp.

For additional staff above the included plan, the payment would be as follow: For Pro Plan: Each additional staff after the 3rd Staff would cost 19 USD per month For Premium Plan: Each additional staff after the 5th Staff would cost 39 USD per month

Alternatively, Official WhatsApp Business API integrations are charged on a per-message basis and payment will be made directly to the provider.‌ SleekFlow also offers integrations with our partner Twilio, for their SMS services. In order to integrate with these services, along with services from other providers, payment should be made on their respective platforms before connecting to SleekFlow.

If you want to learn more about Official WhatsApp Business API integrations, please press the link below!