Troubleshooting for WhatsApp (Third-Party)

When your WhatsApp does not connect properly to SleekFlow, please check the below FAQ to self-service and establish a new connection.

Q: What should I do if messages cannot be sent or received on SleekFlow, or if I experienced a slight delay?

Check your Channel Status

Please go to Channels and check your connection status.


It means that you currently have a stable connecting to WhatsApp.


This status happens right after you scanned QR code on SleekFlow. During this time, sending and receiving messages shall not work properly. Please patiently wait for 60 minutes for WhatsApp to establish a connection. Contact Support if this persists.


This is the most common status when you have lost connection to SleekFlow.

1. Phone should always be connected to Internet

Please keep your phone charged and connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi, with WhatsApp App running at the background of the device.

If the device is disconnected, you would not be able to send, receive and sync messages. Hence, we recommend simply leaving that phone in the office for stability reasons.

2. DO NOT use WhatsApp Desktop/ Web simultaneously

Please do not use WhatsApp Web/ Desktop while using SleekFlow.

We use the same WhatsApp Web interface to pass messages. Since you can only have one WhatsApp Web open at a time, using WhatsApp Web/ Desktop after connecting to SleekFlow will break the connection between your phone and SleekFlow.

Please log out of all other WhatsApp Web/Desktop Sessions, leaving only that of SleekFlow.

3. Reconnect - Establish new connection

If you have done 1 & 2 and still experience connectivity problems, we'd suggest you to "Reconnect".

Once you clicked the reconnect button, the status will be updated to "Reconnecting".

Wait for 5-10 minutes until a new connection is established. During this time, SleekFlow will not work properly and messages could be delayed.

4. Turn off Battery Optimisation for Android Phone

If you have an older Android phone, the battery optimisation feature could cause constant connectivity problems with WhatsApp. Since the phone will automatically cut Wi-Fi connection or kill certain app (e.g. WhatsApp) when the device is locked.

Please read more about this article from WhatsApp:

Turn off battery optimisation for WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App:

Go to Settings:

  1. Navigate to Battery

  2. Navigate to Battery Optimisation

  3. Find WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App in the list

  4. Select Don't Optimise

5. Replacing your phone with an iPhone

If the problem persists even after 1-4, we advise you to replace your phone to an iPhone. This is because certain Android phone has factory preset battery management control that prevents WhatsApp to be stably running at the background.

6. Migrate to WhatsApp Official Business API

Alternatively, the WhatsApp Official Business API maybe right for you. Contact support to learn more or simply filling the form here to apply:

Q: The WhatsApp connection works properly most of the time, but some messages could be missing.

As the connection hugely depends on your phone's connection to internet, it's possible that sometimes the Wi-Fi may not be as stable hence resulting in the missing messages.

You can "Sync History" to retrieve your lost messages. This process is quick if you have previously synced past conversations.

A success banner will show at the bottom to confirm. You should see that the status has been updated:

If you see that the status is shown as "Sync Failed". Please repress the "Sync History" button again.

Please make sure your phone is connected to the internet and your current status is shown as "Connected" before syncing history.

Q: Can I remove the WhatsApp channel anytime and add later?

Sure! You can always remove your existing WhatsApp Channel. The contacts and conversation history will not be deleted. Feel free to scan QR code to connect anytime.