Make allows you to connect SleekFlow with thousands of apps on Make with some useful examples such as Telegram Bot, Google Sheet, Shopify, Notion, Slack, Gmail, WooCommerce and many more.

To get started, you will have to sign up to Make here for free with limited active scenarios which you can upgrade based on your preference.

Create an Account on Make

Just Sign in and start connecting apps to Sleekflow if you already have an existing account in Make.

If you are new to Make, you will have to Create an Account which will require you to fill in the details that is required from the image above.

You will also be needed to fill in a little bit about your company based on the details that are required.

Upon a successful sign up, you will be automatically redirected to My Organization page when you can start creating scenarios between Sleekflow and the app of your choice.

Create a New Scenario

Click on "Create a New Scenario" at the top right corner of your My Organization page.

Click on the "+" icon and search for SleekFlow.

Click on the SleekFlow icon to add your SleekFlow account into your connection

If you haven’t connected SleekFlow to your Make account, click “Add” and paste your unique API key to continue.

Once you have connect your SleekFlow account using your API key. You can continue building this scenario by connecting with other platforms or app services.

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