WhatsApp Catalog Settings(Mobile)

How to use WhatsApp Catalog in SleekFlow

Read WhatsApp product catalog messages from contacts

  1. The store Icon will appear on the WABA account.

  1. Users could view the available items in the catalog by pressing the store icon.

  1. Users can view the details of the item and add them to the cart.

  1. WhatsApp customers can send their cart to the business and you can have a payment link generated for them.

You can generate a Stripe payment link based on the contact's cart. They can apply discounts and set payment link expiration before sending out the link.

Here is the procedure for generating payment links for various scenarios.

Scenario 1 - Same Currency

Scenario 1 (Mobile) - Same Currency

Scenario 2 - Mixed Currency

Scenario 2 (Mobile) - Mixed Currency

Add items

Press Add item to add a new item to the sent cart

Edit item

Press Edit to edit item information of the sent cart

Delete item

Press Delete to delete the existing item from the sent cart

Apply Discount

Press Apply discount to apply a discount to the price of the item inside the sent cart

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