Custom Catalog

How to upload your custom catalog to SleekFlow.

Create a custom store to share product details and relevant checkout links with customers in Inbox.

Steps to create a custom store

  1. Go to Settings > Commerce. Click + Create custom store button.

  1. Put in a store name, and choose up to 4 support languages and the supported currency for your custom store. Click Create new contact.

  1. Click on Store Settings, and toggle to turn on the Display in Inbox and Payment feature.

Create a default template for sharing product information.

The message will be used across all channels. You will be able to send product information in the selected language.

  1. In Products tab, click Import from CSV or manually Add product to start adding products to your catalog.

Bulk import products from CSV

Click Download our sample CSV to download a file to insert product information into the file with the correct format.

Please note that product name, description, and price are mandatory fields to fill up.

It may take 15-20 minutes for products to be uploaded completely

Add product

Alternatively, you can manually upload a product.

Enter the required fields Product name, Product Description, and Price.

Additional info such as SKU and Product link are optional fields.

Click Save when you are all set.

Once all products are uploaded, go back to Products and it will be listed.

You may also select a product and click Duplicate to duplicate a product.

  1. Lastly, in the Currency tab, turn on the relevant currency of your products and click Save.

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Can I add more languages and currencies to my custom store?


It is recommended to add the required languages and currencies (up to 4) when first creating the store.

Once a store is created, you CANNOT add languages and currencies to the store.

  1. How do I add more products to the store?

You may either click on add products directly in the store manually or click Import from CSV to upload the products.

DO NOT add existing products to the existing CSV file directly as it will result in duplicating products to the store.

  1. Will product SKUs be automatically synced with Custom Catalog if changes are made on my e-commerce site such as WooCommerce?


Custom Catalog is not integrated with any third-party e-commerce site. It is a standalone product on SleekFlow and can only manage on SleekFlow.

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