WhatsApp Catalog

Connect WhatsApp catalog to SleekFlow from scratch.

Create Your Catalog on Facebook


  1. Go to Commerce Manager. Click + Add Catalog.

  1. Select the catalog type and click Next.

  1. E-commerce (products) only: Choose how you want to add items to your catalog:

    • Select Upload product info if you plan to add items yourself in Commerce Manager.

    • Select Connect a partner platform if you host your items on a partner platform that has an integration with Meta. Select a platform and follow the link to its website to complete setup and import items to Commerce Manager. Learn more about importing items from a partner platform.

Catalog owner: Select the business account that your catalog belongs to.

Catalog name: Enter a name for your Catalog.

  1. Then, click Create.

  1. Catalog is now created. Click View catalog to start adding items to it.

Add items to your catalog manually

  1. Click Add items.

  1. Choose your preferred option to add items.



Add items using a manual form in Commerce Manager.

Data feed

Upload a spreadsheet or XML file to add items in bulk. You can upload a file once or set up scheduled uploads to happen on a regular basis.

Partner Platform

Use a partner platform like Shopify to automatically add items from your website. Recommended if your inventory already exists on another platform


Import and update items automatically from your website using a pixel. This method is more complex to set up. You may need help from a developer to install microdata tags on your website.

Add items

  1. Enter a name, description, and other details for your item. Try to provide as much information as possible to help customers make a purchase decision.

  2. To add more items, select + New Item and repeat these steps.

To add another variant of an item, such as a different size or color, select the item's row and click on the option "Add variant" from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. Edit any information that's different about the new variant. To add more variants, click on the + New variant button.

  1. You have manually added an item to your catalog. To view your items or manually edit them, go to the Items tab and refer to view your items or edit items manually.

The next step is to connect the catalog to SleekFlow!

Connect WhatsApp catalog

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