Basic of Inbox

Try the essential functions of inbox. Click on the "Start Tour" button.

You will be directed to this page. Act as a WhatsApp customer, type anything on the text box and press Enter to send.

For example: Hello there.

It will show how the message is displayed on the WhatsApp interface.

Press Go to Inbox and check how the message appears in the SleekFlow inbox.

The new incoming message will have a blue bullet to indicate an unread message. Try to click on the message.

You can check this contact's conversation history.

Type in anything and try to reply.

By default setting, the new conversation will be left as unassigned. The conversation will be assigned to the person that first replies to the message.

pageDefault Assignment Rule

You can assign a new conversation to a team, add a collaborator, or switch conversation status on the chat module.


You can find the contact details of the contact. View or update the contact details, add/remove labels, and view Shopify orders through this panel.

pageEdit Contact Information

Make an internal discussion before replying to your customers. Sent messages using this function will be in orange text bubbles and will not be seen by your customers.

You can either write a note-to-self or tag teammates by typing @ to mention your teammates in the conversations.

pageAdd Internal Notes & Mention

All good now! Try to close this chat and end the Inbox task!

Click on the See Next Task button to connect a channel.

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