FAQs - Shopify integration

1. Why was my Shopify account unable to fully synchronize with the SleekFlow system?

The ability of our system to synchronize contacts and orders is contingent upon Shopify's limitations and rate limit.

The number of contacts and orders that synchronise to SleekFlow is determined by Shopify. Please check the Shopify API rate limits here.

The criteria for synchronizing Shopify contacts and orders to our system are as follows:

  1. Presence of a valid phone number (including the correct country code).

  2. Presence of a valid email address.

  3. The order status is either open or any status other than cancelled or closed.

2. How long does it take for the SleekFlow system to synchronize records from Shopify to ensure that the information in SleekFlow stays up-to-date?

Our system will synchronize data changes from the OrderCreate and OrderUpdate events in Shopify with the SleekFlow contact profile.

Additionally, updates to the Abandoned shopping cart will be checked and synchronized every 15 minutes.

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