10. Send Drip Campaign Messages when Customers Sign Up
Send multiple messages in a certain period of time

Scenario - Newly Added Contacts

Go to Automation and select Newly Added Contacts as the Scenario for this rule.
Scenario 2 - Newly Added Contacts
You can send multiple campaign messages with intervals in-between. You can click on one button and schedule messages to be sent on the 1st day, 7th day, and Xth day.


"Lead Stage" is any of "Opportunity"
"List" is "on a specific list" for drip campaigns
Please remember to create a list first before creating this automation.


"Send Message"
"Send Message" > "Add Wait Time" > "7 Days"
"Send Message" > "Add Wait Time" > "30 Days"
Please note that once the automation is triggered, it cannot be stopped even when the person is removed from the list.
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