10. Send Drip Campaign Messages when Customers Sign Up

Send multiple messages in a certain period of time

Scenario - Newly Added Contacts

Create rule under Automation and select New or Updated Contacts as the Scenario for this rule.

Then select Newly Added Contacts

You can send multiple broadcast messages with intervals in-between. You can click on one button and schedule messages to be sent on the 1st day, 7th day, and Xth day.


"Lead Stage" is any of "Opportunity"

"List" is "on a specific list" for drip campaigns

Please remember to create a list first before creating this automation.


"Send Message"

"Send Message" > "Add Wait Time" > "7 Days"

"Send Message" > "Add Wait Time" > "30 Days"

Please note that once the automation is triggered, it cannot be stopped even when the person is removed from the list.

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