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Connect WhatsApp catalog to SleekFlow

Step-by-step Guide

Before connecting WhatsApp Catalog from SleekFlow, you need to complete a few steps in Facebook Business Manager. Check the guide below to learn how to Create Your Catalog on Facebook.

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Once you've created your catalog on Facebook, follow the steps below to complete the setup.

  1. Go to Facebook Business Catalogues > Select a Catalog > Assign Partners.

  1. Select Business ID.

  1. Copy this Business ID 830068934007389 and paste it into the column and turn on Manage Catalogue, then click Next.

Please ensure SleekFlow Business ID 830068934007389 is entered at this step. Otherwise, the catalog will not be connected to your SleekFlow account successfully.

  1. Go back to Facebook Business Manager and click WhatsApp Accounts. Then click on WhatsApp Manager.

  1. Click on Catalogue. Then, click Choose a Catalogue to connect.

  1. Choose a catalog to connect to this WhatsApp account. Then click Connect Catalogue.

  1. Once the catalog has been connected to the WABA account, we can proceed to connect it to SleekFlow.

Each phone number can only be connected to ONE catalog.

Connect WhatsApp Catalog in SleekFlow

  1. Login to your SleekFlow account, go to Channels > Under Commerce, click Connect next to WhatsApp Catalog.

  1. Select Connect new catalog.

  1. Tick " I already have a Facebook catalog " and click Next.

  1. Continue with the Next button.

Only one catalog can be uploaded per WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

  1. Click on Continue on Facebook.

Make sure to log in to the correct account that already has a catalog created and connected in FB WhatsApp Manager.

  1. Tick the box to select the business account that you want to connect and click Next.

  1. Tick the box to select the FB Business account to connect.

  1. Make sure all options are turned on and click Done.

  1. Enable the phone numbers you want to display with the catalog and click Confirm.

A catalog can be connected to multiple phone numbers and displayed to the public.

You're all set!

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