Add funds to your Official WhatsApp account for sending messages.

You can check the WhatsApp balance and usage on the Account Top Up page.


Current Balance

This shows your current Official WhatsApp balance.

If your SleekFlow Cloud API or Twilio account balance is below US$20, the system will show a reminder banner to top up your account.

Insufficient Balance

When your WhatsApp balance is negative, a banner will appear in the conversation window and your ability to send messages will be paused. You must top up your WhatsApp account to resume sending messages.

All-time Usage

The amount used in your Official WhatsApp.

All template and session messages usage are included, however, it cannot breakdown the message types because of the WhatsApp limitation.

Amount Top-Up

Check the all-time amount top-up in your account.

Conversation usage

You can check the WhatsApp account conversation usage directly on this page.

Manage your messaging cost easily without logging in to Facebook Business Manager.

Export CSV to download a file to check the messaging breakdown for finance usage.

Add fund

Top-up method

Credit will be automatically topped up when the WhatsApp balance is running low. This applies to all connected WhatsApp Business phone numbers under your account.

Choose an auto top-up value to top up when the WhatsApp balance is below USD20/USD50/USD100

Manual top-up

You can choose the amount and add funds to your WhatsApp account manually.

When you click on the amount, it will direct you to the payment page, confirm and process the payment then it will top-up the credit instantly.

The minimum top-up amount is US$20 and the Maximum amount is US$2000 each time.

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