Broadcast messages to your connected channels in one click

Create a list

To broadcast new messages to targeted customers, you must choose a List from your contacts.

If you have not created the list, you can follow the below guide to create a new one for the broadcast.

pageCreate Lists

Send new broadcast

Navigate to the Broadcasts page and select the Send new broadcast button.

You are required to fill in and select the corresponding details for your broadcast on the Broadcast Settings.

1. Channels

Choose the channel(s) that you want to send the message through to the recipients.

If the recipient is a new contact that did not begin a conversation, the message will be sent to the main channel.

For Broadcasting on Facebook Messenger, please refer to the page link below

pageFacebook Messenger Broadcast

Select all channels

You can also now select all the connected channels and send a broadcast message by pressing the Select all channels tick.

Fallback Channel This is for the recipient without prior contacts or no messages have been sent from the last channel will receive a message from this channel.

2. Title

Enter the Broadcast title for internal identification. You can check all the broadcasts created on the Broadcasts page.

For WeChat, the broadcast title will be used as the message title, which will be visible to your recipients.

3. Recipients

Select the list of recipients that you want to send. You can select multiple lists for a broadcast.

If the contact is on both lists that you selected, this contact will receive TWO messages. Please make sure the contact is on one list only to avoid receiving duplicate messages.

The number of recipients will be shown in the "Total Recipients". You are required to check the broadcast messages limits in Plans & Billings > Account Data > Broadcast & Automated Messages before you send out the campaign.

There are message limits on each Official WhatsApp number that can send daily. Please check the below link for more details.

pageWhatsApp Rate Limiting

4. Compose/Edit the message

Customise the message according to the channels' requirements.

After selecting a channel, the system will show its tips and only show available items for edit, insert, or upload.

For example, the tips show that sending an SMS message over 160 characters might be split into two messages to send out.

You can customise your message using variables so that the message content is tailored individually for your recipients. Click on the variable in the "Variables" list to add it to your message. The variables will then be replaced with your recipient's contact information.

Official WhatsApp

You must use a registered WhatsApp template to send a broadcast message.

Click "Choose a template", the system will prompt a Registered Template window. Select the template that you would like to use.

The chosen template will then appear in the "Message" section.

If you had set parameters when you submitted a template, you can edit and add variables or text in each dynamic fields.

5. Schedule the broadcast

You can either send the message immediately or specify a date and time to send the message.

6. Send a test message (Optional)

Send a test message to yourself to make sure everything is good to go.

If you received the test message successfully, it means that the campaign settings are correct.

If you did not receive the message, it means something is wrong in your broadcast settings. Check if you have selected the right channel and if the content format is correct.

7. Add action (Optional)

You can add a series of action. It will be executed when the broadcast is sent.

The actions will be executed in the order you set unless wait time is specified.

8. Send the broadcast

You can check how the message will be displayed on recipients' WhatsApp by clicking the "Review details and Send" button on the bottom.

Once you have finished the setup, click "Review and publish" to send the broadcast.

You can check the Broadcast sending status (Sent/Sending/Pause) on the Broadcasts page.

Pause a sending campaign by clicking the "Pause" button. The broadcast will be paused immediately.

Clicking the "Resume" button will then continue the broadcast sending process.

Broadcast in "Sent" or "Sending" status will not be able to edit again.

Check the response rate

Right next to the title of the broadcast message, there are some statistics for you to check the response rate of the broadcast.

The result of broadcast (I.e. replied rate) will be tracked for 3 days after it was sent.

Check messages status

When you click on the broadcast's title, you can view the broadcast's message details by status.

Add to list

You can select the recipients and able to add them to a list for your next broadcast.

The selected recipients will be added to your preferred list after you clicked the "Add" button.

Fail reason

Check out the reason why the message is failed to send here.

You can refer to this documentation for the WhatsApp error description and possible solutions.

Export CSV

You can also export a CSV file, to see what message was delivered, read or replied to in a more detailed format.

pageExport CSV

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