Send broadcast messages to all channels in one click with customised fields and segmentations. Try to make your message neat and short. Use it as a way to generate leads.

Broadcast messages to your contacts to keep them up to date with your latest promotions, product launches and events!

Click on "Campaigns" on the top menu bar and then click on "Create Campaign" on the top right-hand corner on top of the campaign table.

Create a campaign

Fill in details such as the title of your campaign, the channel you want to send your messages through, the recipients of the message and finally, the message itself.

Keep your messages short and natural for higher response rates!

You can also add multiple images or attachments to send together with the text.

Customise your message using variables so that the message content is tailored individually for your recipients. Simply click on the variable in the "Variables" list to add it to your message. The variables will then be replaced with your recipient's contact information.

Variable lists

Contact Columns that are created by the users will be available to be used as variables too.

Select the channel and the recipient list using the dropdown and even drag and drop attachments such as photos to your broadcast campaign.

Send a test message to yourself to make sure everything's good to go before clicking on the blue "Review Details and Send" button on the top right hand corner of the screen to send it out!

Set up your broadcast campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for all my messages to send?

For channels such as Facebook Messenger, Line, SMS, messages are sent instantly when you click review details and send. For WhatsApp, to comply with the policy, messages are sent with a 5-second interval and has a daily limit of 6000 messages/number.