Send broadcast messages on WhatsApp, WeChat and all other channels in one click with customised fields and segmentation using the Campaign feature.

Create a list and add contacts

To broadcast campaign messages to a targeted list of customers, you'll first need to create a new list and add selected contacts into it.

If you have not created the list for campaign message, you can click the button below to learn more about it.

Create campaign

Click on "Campaigns" on the top menu bar and then click on "Create Campaign" on the top right-hand corner on top of the campaign table.

Create a campaign

Fill in details such as the title of your campaign, the channel you want to send your messages through, the recipients of the message and finally, the message itself.

Keep your messages short and natural for higher response rates!

You can also add multiple images or attachments to send together with the text.

1. Compose the message with personalised variables

Customise your message using variables so that the message content is tailored individually for your recipients. Simply click on the variable in the "Variables" list to add it to your message. The variables will then be replaced with your recipient's contact information.

Variable lists

Contact Columns that are created by the users will be available to be used as variables too.

2. Select Channels

Choose the channel that you want to send the message through to the recipients.

If the recipient is a new contact that did not begin a conversation, the message will be sent to the main channel. You can also send mass internal notes through Campaigns.

Additional Channels If the recipient's last contact channel matches the additional channel, then the message will be sent through there.

Select all channels

You can also now select all the existing channels you have and send a broadcast message by press the Select all channels tick below Additional Channels.

3. Select the recipient list

Select the list of recipient that you want to send to from the lists that you have created before.

4. Schedule the message

You can either send the message immediately or specify a date and time to send the message.

5. Send a test message (optional)

Send a test message to yourself to make sure everything's good to go before clicking on the blue "Review Details and Send" button on the top right hand corner of the screen to send it out!

6. Pause a campaign (optional)

You may pause a sending campaign by clicking "Pause" button. Campaign will be paused immediately.

Pausing Campaign

Clicking "Resume" button will then continue the campaign sending process.

Resume Campaign

Check the response rate

Right next to the title of the Campaign message, there are some statistics for you to check the response rate the the message .

Export CSV

You can also export a CSV file, which you can see what message was delivered, read or replied in a more detailed format.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for all my messages to send?

For channels such as Facebook Messenger, Line, SMS, messages are sent instantly when you click review details and send. For WhatsApp, to comply with the policy, messages are sent with a 5-second interval and has a daily limit of 6000 messages/number.

2. Does every channel support sending media?

For Facebook, WhatsApp (Chat API/ third party) and Line, all of these platforms support sending media. While Official WhatsApp and SMS does not support sending media.

3. How many broadcast messages can I send ?

For Chat API account, we recommend users not to send over 500 messages a day to reduce the risk of being blocked by recipients and result in frozen account. If there are ~10% reports made by users on WhatsApp, your account will have a high chance of being frozen by WhatsApp. The process of defrosting the account varies from a few days to months.

For the Official WhatsApp account, there is an initial sending limit of 1,000 new contacts a day which would be upgraded by WhatsApp after approval, to 10,000 new contacts per day if the limit has exceeded 2,000 new contacts in the first week . You will also need to register for a template message at the Official WhatsApp site and wait until it is approved before sending the broadcast message.

If you want to know more about the differences between Twilio (Official WhatsApp), please read this article here.

To learn more about template message, click the button below.

4. Is there any metrics for me to view the status of the message ? You can see the following metrics: Sent (attempted), Delivered (deliver to recipient), Read, and Replied.

There will be a single tick at the bottom of the right hand corner when the message is sent.

There will be a double tick at the bottom of the right hand corner when the message is delivered.

The double tick will turns blue once the message is read.