Backup WhatsApp chats files

Backup WhatsApp chats in json format

Use Google Chrome Extension to back up all your existing WhatsApp chats before deleting the associated WhatsApp account.

Download Your WhatsApp Chat Files

1. Install the Chrome extension

Download and install Back up WhatsApp chat extension in Google Chrome.

Download Link (temporarily unavailable)

Backup Chat Files Chrome Extension tool is temporarily unavailable due to API modifications from Meta

2. Connect to your WhatsApp Account

Click the Backup WhatsApp chat extension icon, then click on the "Open WhatsApp Web" button to access and connect to your WhatsApp account.

Please note: All chats will be backed up based on messages loaded in WhatsAPP Web. Messages that are not loaded in WhatsApp Web will NOT be backed up.

There is a possibility that older chats may not get loaded on WhatsApp Web due to WhatsApp's private policy updates in July 2022.

3. Choose the backup date range

Once successfully connected to your WhatsApp account, click the Backup WhatsApp chat extension again. You may select the date range that you want to back up.

All chat history within the corresponding date range will be backed up.

*Please notice that Media files and Group chats will NOT be backed up.

4. Download WhatsApp Chats Files

Click on the "Download WhatsApp Chats" button, and then the extension will start the download process.

The process may take several minutes to 8 hours, depending on the messages you will download.

5. Complete WhatsApp Chat files backup

When your chat history has been backed up, you can connect your WhatsApp account to Cloud API through SleekFlow.

Upload backup chat file to SleekFlow

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