7. Segmenting customers from different enquiries

Direct customers to the correct staff based off of their response to a set series of questions

Scenario - Incoming Messages

Create rule under Automation and select Incoming Messages as the Scenario for this rule.

You can segment customers into different lists, which can then be also used in Campaigns for you to promote to specific target groups.


This guide would include both First Triggers (the first rule with the flow) and Continuous Triggers (rules that continue the flow after the First Trigger)

Before setting up the conditions, create lists for each trigger you want to make and name them accordingly.

First Trigger: Contact Owner is Unknown

Continuous Trigger:

  • List is (Customers from the First Trigger)

  • Add Keywords "contains" or "contains exactly" based off of the text in the First Trigger


First Trigger: Send Message and Add to List

Please state the instructions for the next Continuous Trigger in the message for all Trigger steps.

You can create more than one message and Add Wait Time if you want to make the flow more natural.

Adding to List is crucial as it brings the user from the First Trigger and activating the next Continuous Trigger.

Continuous Trigger: Send Message, Add to List and Remove from List

Please remember to also include the Assign to Staff function when you reach the end of the flow, so someone can follow up immediately.

Remove from List is required as it stops the continuation of the past flow, which stops repeating messages from the previous flow when proceeding to the next flow.

Ordering the Automation

After creating all the flows, it is also required to order it properly for it to work.

On SleekFlow, the order of the Automation is listed as the ones with higher priority / later stages of the flow is placed on the top, whereas low priority / earlier stages of the flow is placed on the bottom.

If you have segments that split into two or more flows, feel free to place either option higher or lower.

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