Create Custom App

Create a Shopify custom app for SleekFlow

Step 1 - Create an App

Login as an admin, and go to Shopify Admin Page. Go to Apps from the left navigation bar.

Select App and sales channel settings

Create custom app

Type in “SleekFlow” >> Create app

Step 2 - Configure Admin API Scopes

After you create the app, it will land on this page on App development:

Click Configure Admin API scopes.

Then you can see a list of Admin API access scopes. Tick the boxes as follow, then click Save.

Step 3 - Configure Admin API Scopes

Go to Configuration > Configure Storefront API integration

Tick the boxes as follow, then click Save

Step 4 - Install App

Click Install App at the top right corner.

Step 5 - Retrieve Admin API Access Token

When the application has been installed, please go to the next tab on the top - API Credentials.

When you arrive on the page API Credentials >> Copy Admin API access token

The token can only be viewed ONCE!

If you missed the token and did not copy it, please uninstall the app and repeat Step 1.

Step 6 - Integration

The final step is to go back to SleekFlow >> Channel >> Shopify

Paste your API Token under the Admin API Access Token Section

And also type in your shop URL (Format:

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