Applying via SleekFlow

Connect to Official WhatsApp API to use SleekFlow for customer supports

Apply for Official WhatsApp Account

Book a consultation with our team, we will assist and guide in choosing the best WhatsApp Business connection for your business.

Step 1: Navigate to Channel settings

Go to Channels, click Add button on WhatsApp.

Step 2: Select Official WhatsApp to connect

You will then be directed to a compared table listing features of Third-party WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp.

Check the below features and "Select" Official WhatsApp to process:

  • Faster and reliable connection compared to Third-party WhatsApp

  • Green tick badge verification (*subject to WhatsApp approval)

  • Required to buy a new virtual phone number

  • Require approval from WhatsApp: 2-3 weeks verification & application period

  • Up to 100,000 messages/day with a registered template message without risk of getting blocked

  • Pay-as-you-go charge for sending template (HK$0.4/per msg) and session messages (HK$0.04/per msg)

Step 3. Apply for Official WhatsApp

You are required to fill in the information on the application form to process.



First Name

First Name of company representative making the application.

Last Name

Last Name of company representative making the application.

Company Name

Full name of your company. Only companies can apply for WhatsApp API accounts.

Company Website

Your official company website.


Company Email

Email that your company used for the application.

Mobile Number

Your contact number.

*The number is for notification if there are issues when applying for Official WhatsApp

I prefer my new WhatsApp number to start with

Start with 3: Monthly rate at US$6 include Call forwarding service

Start with 6: Monthly rate at US$15 with SMS service (*No call forwarding)

Facebook Business Manager ID

WhatsApp Accounts are attached to Facebook Business Manager for authentication.

*Instruction to Find your Facebook Business ID

I’ve completed Facebook Business Verifications

Choose "Yes" if you have done this before.

Check this article if you are not sure about the verification status. If not, please refer to our guide - Facebook Business Verification

Business Registration Supporting Document

Upload Business Registration Supporting Document for WhatsApp verification.

*For All Companies in Hong Kong

Step 4. Processing application

After submitting the application form, we will send a system email to you to complete TWO actions for processing the application.

You must first complete these two actions for processing the application.

We will use the credits to purchase a new virtual phone number have requested in your application form for the Official WhatsApp Account. Please top-up here.

Charge of the new virtual phone number (Hong Kong):

Start with 3: Monthly rate of US$6 includes Call forwarding service.

Start with 6: Monthly rate at US$15 includes SMS service, without call forwarding service.

For other countries pricing, please check here.

You can use the remaining top-up credits for the sending charges of template or session messages.

If you do not verify your Facebook Business before, you must complete it for the Official WhatsApp application. Please check the verification steps here:

If your Facebook Business Verification icon is greyed out

Step 5. Approve Twilio request

After completing the above steps, you will receive another email asking you to approve the Twilio request on your Facebook Business Manager.

Navigate to your Facebook Business Manager Settings > Requests > Received and “Approve” Twilio to message on behalf of your Facebook admin.

Please reply to our Customer Support team after you have completed this step.

Our team will help to process the remaining application. The whole application process takes 2-3 weeks.

Step 6. Successful Application

We will assist in connecting the Official WhatsApp Business API to your platform's channel after completing all the above procedures.

Your Official WhatsApp account is ready to use now.

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