5. Auto-Reply when Customers Reply a Campaign

Reply customers when they respond to a campaign message that has options of purchase

Scenario - Incoming Messages

Create rule under Automation and select Incoming Messages as the Scenario for this rule.

You send a campaign message to contacts on a specific list asking your customers to choose options (1,2, & 3). It will send message and assign to different staff based on their reply.

  1. Option 1

  2. Option 2

  3. Option 3


"Keywords" contains "1"

As long as the customer's message contains 1, an auto-reply will be sent.

"List" is "the list that you used to send campaign"

Note that if the list is not added, the automation would continue to loop if the user types in 1.


"Send Message" Customise your message content to send to your leads. You can add more than 1 message and insert customised parameters such as the first name they filled.

Once they have replied, you'll need to remove them from the specific list to avoid sending duplicate reply.

Add wait time, eg. 5 minutes, to send another message/image for the conversation to be more natural.

If you have 3 options, you'll have to create 3 different automation rules, with different keywords indexing.

Apply a Template

SleekFlow has prepared some ready templates for users, feel free to apply them!

Create Rule under Automation then select Apply a Template

Select Campaign auto-reply under Incoming Messages then edit the conditions and actions according to your preferences.

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