5. Speak Directly To Staff
Put your customers in contact with your teammates.

1. Select the Scenario: Incoming Messages

The welcome message will have a total of 9 options. Options 1-8 are for them to choose their industry. Option 9 is for them to choose to speak with a staff/product specialist.

2. Define the Conditions:

List is SF Bot EN 1 Everyone who responds to the first message will be added to the list SF Bot EN 1
Keywords contain 9 – Option number 9 is when the customer opts to speak to a staff directly
Leave an option for your customer to speak with a staff directly.
Contact Owner is Unknown – This Chatbot is mainly for new customers, so they must be unassigned

3. Set the Actions:

Send Message – Notify customer that we will get in touch soon
Send Message – Call to action: Book a demo
Remove from List – SF Bot EN 1 (List 1)
Add to List – SF Bot EN 4 (Completed) (List 4)
Make sure you add them to the correct list for easy segmenting
Assign to Specific Staff – Assign the contact to a teammate so they can be in touch
For this example, we have a total of 5 rules for both paths combined. The order of the rules is extremely important. The order should be as follows from top to bottom:
1.2 > 1.3 > 1.4 > 2.1 > 1.1
It will first try to run rule 1.2, if it doesn’t fit the conditions, then it will try run rule 1.3 and so on.
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1. Select the Scenario: Incoming Messages
2. Define the Conditions:
3. Set the Actions: