Quick Reply

Using quick reply to reply your customers efficiently.

Create Quick Reply

You can go to Settings > Quick Reply to manage your quick replies.
Press "Create" on the top right to create a new one. Then you can type in the information for a quick reply.
Name of the quick reply. You can search or access the quick chat by entering "/" or click on the bookmark icon when replying to the customer.
Attach files (Images and files max.50MB) when selecting the quick reply. Drag and drop the attachments or choose from your devices to upload.
Enter the message you want to send to the customer.
Locate on the right of the quick reply page. You can add variables to the content based on customer information.
Press "Create" on the bottom right to complete the creation. You can now use the quick reply.

Edit Quick Reply

Select the Quick Reply on the left, then you can edit it.
Click "Update" when you have finished editing.
Learn more on using Quick Replies: