General Info

Key points to take note of when filling in the General Info page

Fully set up your account by filling in the necessary information in the General Info section.

Enter Information

Fill in the corresponding details into each field and click on the "Save" button to save the information. It is vital to ensure that accurate, verifiable and identifiable information is used as fields such as "First Name" and "Last Name" will be visible to your chat contacts.

By default, the username is the same as your registered email.

You can change the username. Then you can use either the information in "Username" or "Email" to log in to SleekFlow.

Profile Picture

Upload a profile picture to allow both your teammates and customers to recognise you better.

  1. Hover to the "Upload New Photo" button and click on it to choose a file from your computer to upload.

  2. Select a suitable profile picture that clearly shows your face, and click the "Open" button to upload the photo.

Apart from letting your teammates recognise you, the profile picture will also be visible on the website messenger.

The profile picture allows customers to know the person they speak to and increase the personal touch to build a good customer relationship.


There are THREE types of roles on SleekFlow: Admin, Team Admin and Staff. Select the suitable role for each agent as it affects their ability to view conversations and access contacts.


Admin: Can access ALL contacts, conversations and modules. They can also set log-in credentials or update other users' roles.

Team Admin: Can only access all contacts and conversations (of all members) within the team, but cannot access information in other teams. Channels and Automation features are hidden.

Staff: Can only access contacts and conversations assigned to them and other unassigned conversations. This role only has access to the Inbox and Contacts.

Every role shall see their mentioned note and have access to specific conversations within 48 hours.

You can view, add and edit members to Teams through Team management.


Phone Number

Select the correct country code and key in your valid mobile phone number to receive periodic updates.

Time Zones

Both the SleekFlow mobile app and the SleekFlow web will display timestamps when a chat message has been sent out.

Choose the correct time zone to make the automation condition works normally.

To avoid confusion due to message timings when reading messages, please indicate your current timezone under "Your Time Zone" and your company's headquarters timezone under "Company Time Zone".

Ensures that all your received messages will have the correct timestamp for your convenience.

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