12. Update Contact Data & Add And Remove From List

Update customer status from Customer to VIP, and add them to the VIP list while removing them from Customer list

Scenario - New or Updated Contacts

Create rule under Automation and select New or Updated Contacts as the Scenario for this rule.

You can send an auto-message to congratulate customers who gained points and now have more than 2000 points. You can also add or upgrade their Tier to Gold and add them to the Gold Tier List.


"Loyalty Points" is greater than "2000"

If you want it to be equal to and greater than 2000, then create 2 conditions.

Some other common conditions include e.g. Lead Source is equal to Facebook Lead Ad, or Lead Stage is Customers etc. This means that you can segment all contacts coming from Lead ad, or segment all customers into a list.

If you wish to segment customers who haven't talked to you e.g. in the last 90 days, it will be better to use the Schedule Action Scenario to check every night, and add/ remove contacts from lists.


"Add to List" > "Gold Tier List"

"Update Contact" > "Tier" > "Gold"

Under actions, you can choose to automatically update a contact data field as well.

"Send Message" (Optional) Customise your message content to send to your leads. You can add more than 1 message and insert customised parameters such as the first name they filled.

"Remove from List" (Optional)

Remove the contacts from another list, for example, if you have a silver member list.

Apply a Template

SleekFlow has prepared some ready templates for users, feel free to apply them!

Create Rule under Automation then select Apply a Template

Select Segmentation under New or Updated Contacts then edit the conditions and actions according to your preferences.

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