You can pass sleekflow customer information to your current CRM or internal system to trigger different events (e.g. send message to notify customer the update).

Send Webhook

You can add "Send Webhook" in Actions to trigger another event when all the conditions listed in the automation rule are fulfilled.

Retrieve sample payload

The sample payloads in different automation scenarios are different.

Scenario 1: Incoming Messages

For the incoming message's payload, you can select a specific communication channel and copy the code.

Scenario 2: Newly Added Contacts/ New or Updated Contacts

Apply a Template

SleekFlow has prepared some ready templates for users, feel free to apply them!

Create Rule under Automation then select Apply a Template

Select Backup Messages by Webhookunder Incoming Messages then edit the conditions and actions according to your preferences.

What can you do with Webhook?

1. Update customer details to your CRM

For example, if the customer buys an item on your e-commerce platform then you can sync the order details to your CRM and SleekFlow account.

2. Notify customers the update through your system

If the customer has met all the conditions in your automation rule, you can trigger the webhook to send notifications or direct them to a system chatbot to continue on your website.

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