Analyze your company messaging statistic in a dashboard. Review broadcast performance.


Check the account statistics in the dashboard. You can check the following data:

  • Cumulative Conversations: Total number of conversations (Daily Cumulative)

  • Cumulative Active Conversations: Total number of conversations from customers (Daily Cumulative)

  • Enquiries From New Customers: Number of conversation that initiated from new customers

  • Newly Added Contacts: Number of new contacts that were created manually, or by imports, or by other integration

  • Response Time To All Messages: Average response time to all customers' messages

  • Total Messages Sent: Number of messages sent from your account

  • Total Messages Received: Number of messages received by your account

View the statistics

You can set to view the statistics within a specific period of time (Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 1 month).

You can set a custom range to view specific periods statistics.

It will show more details when you hover the mouse to a certain point of the line segment.

Manage Segment

You can create, edit and remove segments through the "Manage Segments" button.


Create a new segment by selecting the Contact Owner, Labels, Lists and other filters to view certain data fields.

You can now select segments to compare after creation.


Customise your segment filter details by clicking the "Edit" button.

Click "Update" to apply changes.


You can delete unwanted segments anytime by clicking the "Delete" button.

Segments will be deleted from the segments list and cannot reverse.

Segments comparison

Compare maximum TWO segments at a time.

Turn on the toggle to show company data for a more comprehensive view.

Campaign performance

You can quickly check your sent campaigns data, such as the delivery, bounce rate, read rate and reply rate.

For the specific campaign performance, please go to the Campaign page to check the corresponding campaign details.


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