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Connect to Twilio WhatsApp Business Official API to use SleekFlow for customer supports.

Free Official Account Set Up

SleekFlow now offer free WhatsApp Official Business API account set up. Simply fill in the form here to get started: https://app.sleekflow.io/request-whatsapp

Set up Official Account by Self Service

In addition to providing SMS, Twilio is also an Official API provider that provides businesses with purchased phone numbers and WhatsApp Official API accounts.

Twilio | WhatsApp Business

Twilio WhatsApp is more suitable for medium to large enterprises using official API for chatbots, customer support and sending updates, charging on a pay-as-you-go basis. In contrast, if you're a small company mainly using it for marketing and customer support, ChatAPI might be a better choice for you as a quick and easy way to get started instantly. We have a detailed guide below for such integration:

If you want a detailed comparison, please check: https://sleekflow.io/blog/whatsapp-business-chatapi-and-twilio/

In order to connect WhatsApp Official Business API through Twilio with SleekFlow, you will first need to purchase a new phone number with Twilio and submit an application for WhatsApp Business API for review. This process could take up to 1 week.

Step 1: Set up a Twilio Account

First, you'd need to create a free Twilio account.

Please use a company email instead of gmail/ hotmail to speed up the process.

Create an account on Twilio

Please verify your account with Email and Phone Number for security purpose.

Verify Email & Phone Number

Please head to Programmable Messaging -> Try it Out -> Try WhatsApp.

Activate your sandbox account by clicking ."Agree"

Activate Sandbox Account

Step 2: Apply for WhatsApp Business Account

Please go to "Programmable Messaging" -> "Senders" -> "WhatsApp Senders" by accessing the left menu.

Click "Sign up to request access" to open up a new form.

Once you have submitted this form, the Twilio team will contact you in a couple of days to let you know when your official account is approved. After that, you can move to the next step of integrations.

Twilio WhatsApp Business Application Form

Filling in the Twilio WhatsApp Application Form

Please find a general guide below to help you fill in the Twilio WhatsApp Application Form, including some of the best practices:



First Name

First Name of company representative making the application.

Last Name

Last Name of company representative making the application.

Phone Number

Phone Number of company representative making the application (we recommend to use your mobile number or a direct line).

Email Address

Email Address of company representative making the application.

Company Name

Remember only companies can apply for WhatsApp API accounts, if you are an individual check out the WhatsApp App Integration.

Company Website

E.g. https://sleekflow.io

Company HQ Country

Country where your companies main operations are based.

Twilio Account SID

You can find your Twilio Account SID in your Twilio Dashboard.

Facebook Business Manager ID

WhatsApp Accounts are attached to Facebook Business Manager for authentication. Instructions for finding your Facebook Business Manger ID.

Facebook Business Verification

Click "Yes" if you have done this before. Otherwise, please refer to our guide here.

Company Vertical

E.g. Technology. Please avoid Marketing, Media, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals .

What is your use case?

We recommend to apply with "Customer Support", you can always change your use case later on.

Which regions are you sending messages to?

E.g. Latin America, East Asia

How many messages are you sending every month to these regions?

We recommend to apply with "100,000 to 1,000,000." This is just an estimate and won't have any effect on your billing.

Are you working with an ISV, SI or Third Party?

Select "No"

Assign approval to alternative Account SID

Just leave empty.

I understand Twilio can modify my SMS/Voice URL and that approval is only for the brand submitted

Confirm "YES"

Once you have filled out and submitted the form, the Twilio team will contact you to let you know that your account is approved. The WhatsApp Application normally take up to 5-7 working days to get approved.

Once your Twilio WhatsApp Account has been approved, come back to this page and move on with the integration.

Step 3: Create a Regulatory Bundle

Please skip this step and go directly to Step 4 if you are NOT from Hong Kong.

If you are from Hong Kong, you'd have to submit a regulatory bundle which includes your BR certificate for review.

Go to Phone Numbers -> Regulatory Compliance -> Bundles. Click Create a Regulatory Bundle.

Please follow the instructions and fill in required information, as well as uploading your business supporting document for review.

Please choose your right type of phone number. For example, if you want to buy a mobile number later, than you will need to choose "mobile" here.

Mobile Numbers: Can use WhatsApp and Send SMS National Numbers: Can use WhatsApp and divert calls to another number

After submitting your regulatory bundle, you will receive an email confirming the process is complete.

Step 4: Buy a Phone Number

Now you'd need to add your credit card to choose and purchase your new number.

Go to Billing from your Twilio Account. Click "Upgrade Now."

Add your company and billing address, and your payment method to pay for the Phone Number and WhatsApp Fee. Learning more about WhatsApp Pricing here.

For Example, for Hong Kong:

  • Template Message - It charges 0.0555 USD/ message to talk to customers who have not contacted you in the last 24 hours.

  • Session Message - it charges 0.005 USD/ message to talk to customer who replied you in the last 24 hours.

Click "Upgrade Account" and you're good to go!

Now you can go to Phone Numbers - Buy a Phone Number to search for a number.

You can select any numbers from any country available on Twilio.

  • If you are only using the number for WhatsApp, you can choose a voice number starting from 6 USD (for Hong Kong).

  • If you want to use it in conjunction with SMS, you'll have to choose a number with SMS capability starting from 15 USD (for Hong Kong).

Click Buy to choose your preferred number.

Choose "Business" and select an approved regulatory bundle.

Done! You have successfully purchased your business phone number.

Step 5: Create a Sender Profile

Go to "Programmable Messaging" -> "Senders" -> "WhatsApp Senders" by accessing the left menu.

Now you'll be able to create a sender profile, which are essentially WhatsApp Account.

Please press the New WhatsApp Sender button to open the Profile Information Form.

WhatsApp Sender Profile Form

This form is where you create your WhatsApp sender profile. This information will be public to anyone that talks to your WhatsApp number. Please see the below a guide to help you fill out the information:



Select a Number*

Here you can choose any number you purchased on your Twilio account that has SMS enabled.


Public name of company/organization, e.g. SleekFlow


Public address of company/organization or select from saved address.


Official email of company/organization, e.g. [email protected]


Official website address of company/organization, e.g. https://sleekflow.io

Link to Logo

Provide URL to logo in png or jpeg format, 640x640 at a minimum, with a solid background.

Check if Profile is for a client

Do not select and leave it blank.

Adding WhatsApp Templates

If you wish to send outbound messages to customers who you have not talked within the past 24 hours or any new customer, you'll have to use a WhatsApp message template under WhatsApp's rules. You can add it later once your sender profile is approved. For details, please see:

Click on the "Submit Request" button at the bottom.

Once you have received the final approval from Twilio, your account will be ready to be integrated to SleekFlow where you can manage conversations.

Step 6: Connect to SleekFlow

You can manage all your channels on SleekFlow Platform - Channel.

Add Channels interface in Channel

Click the WhatsApp icon and select "Official: Connect to Existing Twilio Accounts" button to connect with SleekFlow via Twilio.

Now you should be asked for the Channel Name, Account SID, Auth Token and Phone Number.

Please enter "Channel Name" for this specific Twilio WhatsApp Integration. This is necessary for your team to recognise this SMS Channel. For example, you could name it "APAC Ops" or "NY Support Team".

Account SID and Auth Token

Now head back to the Twilio console dashboard. Copy the "Account SID" to paste in the form above.

Click "view" to reveal the "Auth Token" and paste it in the form above.

Phone Number

One you have entered Account SID and Auth Token to the form, please also enter the phone number that you just apply, together with the country code.

Webhook URL

You'll also have to set the Twilio Webhook configuration for the selected Phone Number.

Go to "Programmable Messaging" -> "Senders" -> "WhatsApp Senders" . Click "Edit Sender".

Click "Use webhooks" to configure this sender

Change the webhook under "Webhook URL for incoming messages" to the Webhook to the link below.


Please also add the "Status callback URL" with the link below:


Click "Update WhatsApp Sender" and save the settings on Twilio.

Now go back to SleekFlow, make sure you added all information and click "Install" on the SleekFlow Form.

Congratulations! All future WhatsApp messages sent to the phone number will appear on SleekFlow Platform. You can also send templated messages to keep your target updated.

If you have problems receiving messages, please contact our team to check all your settings.

Step 7. Two Factor Authentication

Twilio requires you to do a Two Factor Authentication if you are a paying customer starting from October 12th 2020.

Press the notification at the top and it brings you to User Settings:

Select either "Once per computer" or "Every Login" and press "Update 2FA Settings" to proceed.

After selecting, you will be directed to a new page where it requires you to type in your personal phone number, then press "Send code via SMS".

Step 1

You will then have to check your phone number for the message with the included code, type in the follow field and press "Verify".

Step 2

Lastly, they will provide you with a Recovery code for you to access your account if there is an issue with the Two Factor Authentication.

Step 3

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have followed the instructions and added the account to SleekFlow. Why is my WhatsApp Message not sending?

Please note that you'll have to upgrade to a paid account in Twilio in order to send messages to all other recipients. To test the function first, you can add your own number to verified caller ID. After that, please upgrade (from the top right corner) and top up with some credits to start sending.

The message that you sent may not be of the right format of the registered. Please check again with you template on the platform or submit new templates for WhatsApp to review.

2. What is the pricing for Twilio WhatsApp? Do I have to pay separately on both SleekFlow and Twilio?

Twilio charges WhatsApp Messages on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each country has a different pricing for a . templated and session message. For more information, please check: https://www.twilio.com/whatsapp/pricing/us.

The bill has to be separate from your SleekFlow account. If you wish to enjoy a better rate, please talk to us as we could offer betting bulk pricing option as a certified Twilio Partner.