Basic functions of the Inbox.

Sections and functions

Inbox screen has five main sections:

  1. Staff View Selector

  2. Conversation Module

  3. Chat Module

  4. Message Console

  5. Contact Information

1. Staff View Selector


You can use the staff view dropdown where you can select different views of the contacts and the mentioned, unassigned conversation.

Learn how to manage all conversations of teammates and how to toggle between tabs:

pageManage Conversations


You can search through conversations across all channels by typing keywords, contact names, or phone numbers into the search bar for all your existing conversations on the staff view selector.

Search results will appear in 2 segments.

Results will return with the relevant contacts info.

Message will return with the relevant content.


Filter your conversations according to channel type, labels or conversation status by using the drop-down menu on top of the search bar on the staff view selector.

You can search and select channel or labels easily for filtering.

Check how to add or edit labels through this guide:

pageAdd Labels to Contacts


Reorder your conversations by Newest or Oldest

2. Conversation Module

Conversations are listed at the left of the Inbox screen. By default, the conversations sort by the most recent messages. It refreshes every time whenever a new filter is selected or an incoming message is received.

Conversation Status: View the conversations are "Open", "Snoozed", or "Closed". By default, it shows the "Open" conversations for better response to the customers.





The small round logo at the bottom left of each conversation indicates which messaging channel the contact is come from.

For example, "Cenk" is using WhatsApp for messaging


The added labels are at the bottom of each conversation, allowing staff to have a wiser contact background.

Last Message

The date or time on the top right of each conversation box shows the last message sent or received. The text below the contact name shows part of the previous message sent or received. Click onto the conversation box will expand the whole conversation into Messaging Console.


If there is an unread message(s), there will be a blue bullet on the right of the conversation box.

pageBookmark & Unread

3. Chat Module

You can select the messaging channel, change the conversation status, add or remove collaborators, and change the assignee on the Chat Module.

Messaging channel

You can switch the messaging channel to the contact.

Please note that multiple accounts added to the same channel will still display as one channel name. For example, if you have 3 WhatsApp accounts connected, you will only be able to filter them all with the Channel "WhatsApp".

Conversation status

Manage and set the conversation status. For example, you can change the conversation status from "Open" to "Closed" to end the conversation. You may change the status to "Snoozed" as well after setting a specific date and time for a conversation to re-open and remind yourself.

Learn more on how to manage conversations by setting status:



Add up to 5 collaborators on the chat module.

Both the contact owner and collaborators will receive notifications when there are new incoming messages.

You can remove a collaborator by clicking the "X" on the top right corner shown in its icon.

Learn how to manage conversations with your teammates:

pageAdd & Remove Collaborators


You can assign the conversation to other staff. The new assignee will take over the conversation instantly.

Learn more on how to assign conversations to different teams and staff:

pageAssign Conversations

Search conversation history

You can search the contact conversation history by keywords.

Click on the "magnifier" icon next to the channel name of each conversation to start searching.

Type in any keyword(s) or sentence(s) to search for the record. Click on the result, the system will direct you to the message instantly.

4. Message Console

You can load and view the whole conversation history from a contact, and you can respond to the contact. When a conversation is selected, the contact details will be loaded as well on the contact information located on the right side.

Send and Receive Messages

You can type messages on the bottom's input box and send both photos and files by dragging and dropping. Connecting to Official WhatsApp, users may need to send a template message to re-open the messaging window. Check this link for more details.

Quick Replies

Reply to your customer promptly while avoiding repetitive work in typing the same messages. Type "/" in the text box and choose a quick reply template to reply customer.

Learn more on how to use quick reply:

pageUsing Saved Replies

Audio Note

Record an audio note to instantly send voice messages to the recipient.

For more details about audio notes, please check here:

pageAudio Note


Have an internal discussion with your teammates before replying to your customers. Sent messages using this function will be in orange text bubbles and will not be seen by your customers. You may either write a note-to-self or tag teammates by typing @ to mention your teammates in the conversations.

Learn how to mention your teammates and jot notes internally.

pageAdd Internal Notes & Mention

5. Contact Information

You can find the contact details of the selected contact. View, update the contact details or add/remove labels, and view Shopify orders through this panel.


Navigate to the contact's profile instantly by clicking the name of the contact.

Check the contact's activity logs, labels, and see the list(s) the contact is on.

pageEdit Contact InformationpageContact Activity

Add/ Remove Labels

Add or remove labels to contact directly.

You can also manage your labels for the inbox in the Inbox Settings:


Contact Details

View contact details easily through the contact information.

Click on the "Edit" button to update contact information.

Shopify Information

View the customer's Shopify order information (Abandoned cart, Latest order, and Order History) directly.

Check this guide to integrate your Shopify account to SleekFlow:


Advanced Inbox Features

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