You’ll learn the basic functions of the team inbox below.

In this section, we are going to guide you through the basic functions of our inbox screen. The main inbox screen is split into various modules, namely the conversation module on the left, chat module in the center, and information modules on the right.

Main Inbox

Send and Receive Messages

The inbox screen will be the most commonly used screen for your agents and operators. It serves as an omni-channel messaging suite that allows you to send and receive messages across all messaging channels including Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, SMS and many more.

You can start by typing messages in the input box at the bottom and send both photos and files by dragging and dropping.

Manage Conversations

By default you'll be able to see all your assigned conversations. You can also view "All Conversations" and as well as "Unassigned" conversations by clicking on the drop down arrow next to "Your Conversations".

As an Administrator, you can also monitor other conversations by searching the contact's name in the search bar on top of the chat module. As a Staff, you can only read conversations that are assigned to you or unassigned.

SleekFlow Inbox

Assign Conversations

The assignee of the conversation is listed on the top right-hand corner of the chat module. Simply click on the drop down menu to search for and choose the teammate you'd like to re-assign the conversation to.

Assign conversations & send internal notes to teammates

Mention & Add Internal Notes

You can toggle between "Reply" and "Note" in the input box at the bottom of the chat module.

Messages sent using the "Note" function will be in orange text bubbles and will not be seen by your customers. You can use the "Note" function to write a note-to-self or tag teammates to mention them in the conversations.

People who are mentioned in the conversations will be able to see and reply to the conversations within 24 hours. You can also see your mentioned conversations by accessing to the "Mention" dropdown from above.

Search Conversations

You can search through conversations across all channels by typing keywords into the search bar above all your existing conversations in the conversation module.

You can search a contact by typing their phone numbers or names. You can also search for a contact to edit their details directly.

Channel Filter

Filter your conversations according to channel type or conversation status by using the drop down menus on top of the search bar in the conversation module.

Please note that multiple accounts added to the same channel will still be displayed as 1 channel name. For example, if you have 3 WhatsApp accounts connected, you'll only be able to filter them all with the Channel "WhatsApp".

Channel Indicator

You'll be able to see which channels you are using to contact your customers right next to their names at the top of the conversation module. Click on the badge to toggle between different status.

Channel Indicator


You can also see whether the conversations are "Open", "Snoozed" or "Closed" from the status indicators and filter them accordingly. The 3 icons below, from left to right, represent "Open", "Snooze" and "Close"

Icons to toggle between status

Snoozing a conversation means that you can set a time frame for a conversation to re-open and remind yourself. After a certain time period, the conversation will appear as unread in your "Open" conversations list.

Status Filter

You can also filter conversations status with the dropdown on the left.

In addition, we have set some rules below to better help you segment conversations by status:

  1. After you integrate with any messaging channels, the conversations that were last contacted within 2 weeks will be "open", while the other conversations will be "closed". This is to make sure that you can focus on the most important leads.

  2. When you broadcast messages to contacts that you haven't talked before on SleekFlow, their conversation status will be defaulted to closed.

  3. When a customer replies to a closed conversation, the status will automatically be changed to "open".

Edit Contact

You can edit contacts directly in the inbox page, by clicking the edit button on the top right-hand corner of the contact information module.

Edit customer contacts conveniently while on the inbox page


You can also add tags to a contact to better classify and segment them. Just search through the list of tags and add the relevant hashtags using the hashtag module at the bottom right-hand corner. You can use hashtags to filter contacts, classify customers or run broadcast based on hashtags.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I combine 2 channels together?

You can add a phone number to your existing channel (e.g. Facebook, Line, Live Chat), and you'll be able to send WhatsApp messages to that contact at the same time. However, you'll not be able to combine to separate contacts.