You’ll be able to learn some basic functions of the team inbox by following the tutorials below.

In this section, we are going to guide you through the basic functions of our inbox screen.

Inbox Screen

Send and Receive Messages

Inbox screen should be the most commonly used screen for your agents and operators. It is a omni-channel messaging suite that allows your to send and receive messages across all messaging channels including Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line and many more.

You can start by typing messages in the input box below, or attach documents by dragging and dropping.

Assign Conversations

On the top right, it lists the assignee of the specific conversation. Click on the drop down menu to choose the staff you'd like to assign the conversations to, or type the name to search.

Add internal notes for teammates

You can toggle between "Reply" and "Note" on the bottom. "Note" means that the messages sent will not be seen by the customers, but only for internal communications. We will also add a function for you to tag/ mention a teammate when you need help.

Manage Conversations

By Default you'll be able to see all your assigned conversations, as well as "Unassigned" and "All conversations". As an administrator, you could also monitor other conversations by searching the name.

Search Conversations

You can type to search for keywords across all channels, with the search bar above all conversations.


On top on all conversations, you'll be able to filter by channels or by status of the conversations.

Channel Indicator

Below the contact name, you'll be able to see which channels you are using to start the conversations.

Status indicator

You can also see whether the conversations are open, pending or done from the status indicators next to the name. Click on the badge to toggle between different status.

Edit Contact

You can edit contacts directly in the inbox page, adding customer data for better classifications.


You can also add hashtags to a contact, from the right of the contact. You can use hashtags to filter contacts, classify customers or run broadcast based on hashtags.