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More to know about Official WhatsApp Business API

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my WhatsApp Message not sending?

It is usually because of the below issues:

Messaging window: You may not have opened the messaging window as you and the customer had no conversation in the last 24 hours. You need to send a template message to reopen the messaging window to respond to the customers. You can check more details about messaging window here.

Message Format: The template message you sent may not be in the registered templates' right format. Please check again with your template on the platform or submit new templates for WhatsApp to review. For more information about template messages, please check this guide.

2. Do I have to pay separately on both the SleekFlow plan and the Official WhatsApp plan?

Yes, the bill has to be separate from your SleekFlow account. For example, you subscribe to Pro Plan and connect to Official WhatsApp Business API. You need to pay for the SleekFlow Pro Plan price (US$99/mo) and the Official WhatsApp Business API pay-as-you-go fee.

3. What is the pricing for Official WhatsApp Business API?

360dialog charges WhatsApp Messages on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each country has different messaging pricing for templated and session messages. For more information, please check this link and search for your countries.

4. Is there any limits on how many messages each WhatsApp number can send?

Yes! WhatsApp has imposed rate-limiting when ramping up your Official WhatsApp messaging application for these approved and enabled customers. (1000 unique recipients/ day when you start)

Please refer to the guide below to learn more.

Messaging Limits

5. What are the extension and limitations of the Official WhatsApp API?

Connection is important - now more than ever!

The Official WhatsApp API empowers businesses to connect with customers at scale with broadcast messages, automation and the like. With the Official WhatsApp API, you can start conversations with multiple customers with personalised messages!

Having said that, the Official WhatsApp API does not support WhatsApp calls and group chats at the moment. Furthermore, contacts would not be able to invite the Official WhatsApp number to the group chat as well.

6. Are there any guidelines for sending and receiving attachments on the Official WhatsApp API?

The Official WhatsApp API supports sending and receiving documents, images, audio and video. For more info, visit here.

MediaSupported Content TypesFile ExtensionsSize Restriction


Currently restricted to PDF and Office documents

.pdf, .do*, .xl, .ppt, .sx*, .od*

100 MB


image/jpeg, image/png

.jpeg, .jpg, *.png

16 MB


audio/acc, audio/mp4, audio/amr, audio/mpeg, audio/ogg; codecs=opus

.acc, .mp4, .mp4a, .amr, .mpeg, .ogg

16 MB


audio/ogg; codecs=opus


16 MB


video/mp4, video/3gpp

*NOTE: All video files will need an audio track. Otherwise the file won't be delivered.

.mp4, .3gp, *.3g2


The Official WhatsApp API does not support sending and receiving location and contact details (VCF file) at the moment. However, users are able to send and receive contact details real soon, stay tuned for the upcoming feature!

7. How many phone numbers can I add to my WABA account?

By default, you can only create 2 phone numbers in each WABA account. This is a fraud prevention feature. If you want to add more than 2 numbers, please contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

8. Can I reverse to WhatsApp (Personal Use) or WhatsApp Business App from the Official WhatsApp API in the future?

Unfortunately, no! Kindly be informed that the process of upgrading a number to an Official WhatsApp Business API is non-reversible! After the upgrade, there is no way back to WhatsApp (Personal Use) or WhatsApp Business App. For more information, visit here.

9. How to cancel the subscription to the 360dialog API?


You shall delete your phone number 30 days in advance as deletion is not instant.

Phone number deletions require that the business has not sent paid messages within 30 days for the phone number.

When you tick "Delete my number on the Facebook Business Manager", the termination date will be calculated and the WhatsApp Business API Client will be queued for deletion.

To cancel the subscription and terminate the Billing cycle with 360dialog, please take the following steps:

  1. Log into the 360 Client Hub

  2. Click on WhatsApp Accounts on the navigation bar

  3. Choose the phone number which subscription you would like to cancel from the displayed list

  4. Click on the Show Details button

  5. Scroll down to the Danger Zone section

  6. Click on the Cancel subscription button

  7. Check if you have the correct phone number and if you are sure you want to cancel the subscription for that phone number. If so, you type the word CANCEL on the corresponding field:

8. Tick “Delete my number on the Facebook Business Manager” if you also want to delete this phone number from the WhatsApp Business Platform.

9. The cancellation process is complete by pressing the button "Cancel subscription" at the bottom of this screen.

After deletion, you will no longer be able to send or receive messages. And the messages that might be sent to this phone number will be lost with no recovery.

10. How long does it take to process cancellation? How about the payment?

Whenever a client cancels their 360dialog subscription, the cancellation date is set for the last day of the current month.

For example:

You submitted a cancellation request on 3 August, which would be considered the current month. The last day of the subscription is on 31 August.

Thus, the August invoice will be billed. From 1 Sep onwards, the number will be removed, and the client will not be able to use the service anymore.

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