Connect Stripe and automate payment workflow on SleekFlow. Make every payment process easy for your customer.

This integration is a beta release and it's only available for selected partners.

1. Add Integration

Navigate to Channels > Commerce > Add new commerce extension. Click "Connect" next to Stripe

You will be directed to this page to start the Stripe integration on SleekFlow.

To connect Stripe to SleekFlow, you are required to provide:

  • Information and proof of the business, including Company Registration Number and business certificate

  • Full name, phone number, address and ID proof of the business owner and account manager

  • Company's bank account info for Stripe payout

Click Connect to proceed

2. Create Account

Click Link to Stripe to begin signing up

3. Sign up on Stripe

You will then be redirected to this page and begin the sign-up process. Fill in the required details then click Continue to proceed.

Stripe will text the number for verification, kindly make sure the number is with you

Enter the verification code you received

4. Fill in your Business Info

In this section, you are required to fill in

  1. Legal business name

  2. Company registration number

  3. Doing business as (Optional)

  4. Registered business address

  5. Business phone number

  6. Industry

  7. Business website

Click Continue to proceed

5. Verify you represent the business

In this section, you are required to fill in

  1. Legal name of person

  2. Email address

  3. Job title

  4. Date of birth

  5. Home address

  6. Phone number

  7. Hong Kong Identity Card Number

Tick the box at the bottom if you own 25% or more of the company

Click Continue to proceed

6. Add your business owners

Add owners who owns 25% or more business here.

Click Done, Continue to proceed

7. Select an account for payouts

You are required to fill in the info of the bank account

  1. Currency

  2. Account holder name

  3. Choose your bank

  4. Choose your branch

  5. Account number

Click Save to proceed

8. Review the details

You can review the Business Details, Management and Ownership and Payout Details.

Click Done after you have reviewed the info and you will be redirected back to SleekFlow.

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