3. Auto-Reply During Off Business Hours
Write a customized auto-reply for customers who talk to you during off business hours and assign them to staff

Scenario - Incoming Messages

Go to Automation and select Incoming Messages as the Scenario for this rule.
Scenario 1 - Incoming Messages
You can set an auto-reply and assign it to a specific staff for incoming messages from customers during off business hours.


"Last Contact from Customer" is between "20:00 - 09:00"
"Last Contact from Customer" is on "Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday + Friday"
"Last Contact from You" is not within 1 hour means that this auto reply will only be sent if your last reply is not in the past hour.
Any customer who messages you during a weekday from 18:00 to 09:00 will receive an auto-reply.
Add the condition "Contact Owner" is "Unknown" if you want this auto-reply only to be sent to new customers who contact you during off business hours.


"Send Message" Customise your message content to send to your leads. You can add more than 1 message and insert customised parameters such as the first name they filled.
Add wait time, eg. 5 minutes, to send another message/image for the conversation to be more natural.
"Assign User"
Assign the conversation to the staff member who is responsible for customer service after office hours.
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