Outgoing Messages

Create automation through the messages that are sent from your organisation to your clients.

When you send a message to your customer from any messaging channel, you can set rules to add noted, add labels and even send an auto reply by using a specific keyword or any other conditions that would trigger the automation you have set.

Note: The Automation will not get triggered even even it meets all the conditions if you do not send out an Outgoing Message.

1. Add Condition

You can Add Condition on the Outgoing Message either Keywords, Labels or even both to triggers the automation. The automation will only be triggered if ALL of the conditions are met.

2. Add Actions

You can set a list of action that will be automated once the conditions are met.


Wait time is optional that you can set to each actions based on your preference.

3. Publish Rule

Once you have set the action as you preferred. Click on Publish Rule to activate the automation.

Note: To ensure the automation works prefectly, you could test it out on your personal or internally used number.

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