Payment Links

Customise payment link settings, view orders, and refund statistics all in one place.

This feature is available to users with Stripe integration.


Go to Settings > Payment Links to view and adjust your settings accordingly.


Stripe Account Overview & Customize Design

  • View your weekly gross volume and customize the company logo for better recognition (on the payment page).

Require Customer's Shipping Info

  • Include various shipping methods that you would like to offer to your customers. For example, in-store pickup and standard delivery. Set the delivery time, shipping rate, and condition that apply to orders with a specific price range.

  • Set a default expiry date for link expiration, turn on enable discount feature button for you to be able to customize discount for customers, and set contact details (optional) for your customer to be able to reach out to you.

Please note Enable Discount Feature is only available for Shopify Accounts.


Product Catalog

  • With product catalog(s), you can share product details and relevant checkout links with your customers in your inbox.


Customize your Payment Message and General Product Message here. Examples: Payment Message - Check out with this payment link below: {payment_url} General Product Message - Click on the link to view more product details


A detailed tab to glance through To be paid, Expired, Paid, and All orders. You may select the relevant user or All to look at the orders, as well as pick a time range to view them.

Request Payment Report

You can generate a payment report for the accounting team to reconcile the payments from SleekFlow with your books.

  1. Click on Request payment report button to export all paid orders details.

  1. User can select the date range*, and the recipient** of the report.

Only Payments with real money flow includes in the report.

E.g. Paid orders , refund, and fees (payments that failed authorization will have fee incurred).

Pending, expired payments will be excluded.

Date Range

* The report can only be generated up to 4 days before today.

E.g. Today’s date is 4 May 2023, user can only generate the report from the past till 30 April 2023. As it takes Stripe to calculate the fees for each payment.

Email Address (recipient)

** The user’s SleekFlow account email will be prepopulated, you can edit the email address.

However, only one recipient is accepted for each report request.

  1. Once the request is received, system will take up to 15-20 minutes to generate your report. The time depends on the amount of data included in the report.

The report will be sent to the designated email in CSV format.

💡Fields included in the payment report

The main fields include the following:

  • Shopify ID: If the user has Shopify integration, and the payment is created via the Shopify catalog, the Shopify order ID will be included in the report.

  • Payment link created by: The user who sent the payment link to the contact, this may not be the same as the contact owner. This field allows the user to credit the sales to the correct staff.

  • Balance transaction reporting category: This field reports the type of transaction. E.g. SleekFlow fee, Order amount, and Refund

Other notable fields include the customer name and email, shipping address, payment method, etc.


View detailed refund records in this tab which further breakdown into Fully Refunded, Partially Refunded, Pending, Failed, and All.

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