Update to Twilio Content API

Full instructions here on how to update to Content API to create WhatsApp Templates on SleekFlow Platform.

Step 1: Login to Twilio Account

Twilio Console Login

Once you login, browse to the left menu bar > Messaging > Services

Step 2. Create Messaging Services

Step 3. Set the name of Messaging Services

Name your Messaging Service for internal reference and click on Create Messaging Service button.

Step 4. Add WhatsApp Phone Number

Click on Add Senders, select your Twilio WhatsApp number from the sender list.

Select the sender type as WhatsApp Number and press Continue to proceed

Select your Twilio WhatsApp Number and press Add WhatsApp Number to proceed.

Press Set up Integration to proceed.

Step 5. Set up integration

Tick Send a webhook option and PASTE the link to the corresponding columns.

Request URL


Fallback URL


Press Add compliance info and Complete Messaging Service Setup to finish the set-up

Step 6. Update Messaging Service ID on SleekFlow

Copy the SID (Messaging Service ID) from your Twilio console.

Back to SleekFlow > Channel > Select your connected Twilio WhatsApp Channel > Edit

Paste the SID and press Edit to confirm.

Step 7. Done!

All set! You are now able to create templates in Settings > Official WhatsApp > Template Manager.

Please refer to the page link below to learn how to create templates:

pageTemplate Manager

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