1. Send A Welcome Message

Greet your customer and get to know their industry.

1. Select the Scenario: Incoming Messages

2. Define the Conditions:

Contact Owner is Unknown – This Chatbot is mainly for new customers, so they must be unassigned

We use the condition Contact Owner is Unknown, because this chatbot is for new customers who contact you first and therefore they do not have a contact owner

Last Channel is any of Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger, Line

3. Set the Actions:

Send Message – Use variables to customize a welcome message

Send Message – Inquire about their industry by providing 9 options

Options 1-8 are industries (Path 1). Option 9 is for the customer to talk directly with a staff member (Path 2/Exit Path).

Add To List – SF Bot EN 1 (List 1)

It is important to add them to a list so that you can segment customers who have answered

Add To List – Started Conversations

Apply a Template

SleekFlow has prepared some ready templates for users, feel free to apply them!

Create Rule under Automation then select Apply a Template

Select Chatbot template 1.0 under Incoming Messages then edit the conditions and actions according to your preferences.

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