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Easiest way to create a WhatsApp Business API account and connect to SleekFlow

360dialog is a verified WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider. Once it is approved and provisioned your Official WhatsApp Business API account, you may connect it to SleekFlow and manage WhatsApp messages in the inbox, just like other channels.

To connect the Official WhatsApp Business API through 360dialog to SleekFlow, you are required to have a valid phone number and complete the signup process. The whole process could take up to 3days - 2 weeks.

Signup Process


To start with the signup process, you MUST need the following:

  • Turn on 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) at your personal FB account

pageTurn on 2FA on Facebook account

Step 1: Navigate to Channels

Go to Channels > WhatsApp > Add > Connect

Step 2: Sign up with a new phone number

Step 3: Complete Sign Up at 360dialog

Fill out the WhatsApp Business Account application form.

A. Information

  • Email

  • Name

  • Password

Please note you cannot sign up with free email addresses (such as gmail, etc). It needs to be a valid owned email address or company email address.

B. Payment

You are required to fill in credit card information for the USD12.5/Month payment to 360dialog.

Conversation costs are charged as of Facebook/WhatsApp EUR pricing as stated under the Facebook Pricing Rules and may be subject to prepayment.

Make sure you fulfil the following requirements then Continue with Facebook.

Step 4: Create a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

You will need to log in to your Facebook account.

Choose or Create a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

1.Facebook Business Account

Choose your existing Facebook Business Account or create a new Facebook Business Account.

2.WhatsApp Business Account

Create a new WhatsApp Business Account.

Name your WhatsApp Business Account and select timezone.

Step 5: Create WhatsApp Profile

Choose your WhatsApp display Name.

We recommend the display name match your legal business name, and have a clear relation with the business. Please refer to this guideline for more details.

Choose the business category and description (optional).

Step 6: Number Registration

A. For a new phone number

We strongly suggest users use a NEW phone number that can receive SMS or call for the registration.

You can purchase a number via Skype.

pagePurchase a Skype number

B. For existing WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business number

You can use a phone number already registered on mobile devices, or WhatsApp Business App.

Please BACKUP existing WhatsApp chats before deleting the associated WhatsApp account.

pageBackup WhatsApp chats files

You will need to follow the below article to delete the associated WhatsApp account with that phone number.

pageDelete WhatsApp account

Verify phone number

Fill in the phone number you want to register for this WhatsApp account. Choose either "Text Message" or "Voice Call" to receive the 6-digit verification code.

6-digit verification code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the code and click the "Verify" button.

Step 7: Generate API key

Signup is completed, 360diaolog will immediately deploy the WhatsApp Business API Client, and you will be automatically logged into 360 Client Hub, where you can generate your API-KEY.

Step 8: Connect WhatsApp to SleekFlow

Fill in the API Key and Channel Name, and press the "Submit" button.

Your Official WhatsApp channel will be connected.

Step 9: Add funds to your WhatsApp account

Once you completed the signup, you will be charged one-off USD15 prepaid credits per number.

  1. Log into your 360 Client Hub account

  2. In the menu bar on the left, click on Insights and Billing

  3. Below your current account balance, click on Add funds

  4. Select the number of conversations that you would like to have access to

Accounts with no funds will not be able to reply to messages after the first 1000 free conversations.

Recommend to enable the Auto-renewal and set up the threshold that triggers the payment and the amount in a way that 0 balance will not happen.

5. Click on Submit and pay now

WhatsApp Account Tiers

Your account is automatically placed into different tiers when you complete the signup flow until all reviews are completed.

pageWhatsApp Business Account Tiers (360dialog)

You must complete the Facebook Business Verification and get WhatsApp approved to have Standard Access Tier. Please follow the guide to complete the verification:

pageFacebook Business Verification

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