Default Assignment Rule

Assign new leads to specific staff, by queue, or team.

Under the Automation, you will see that there is a Default Rule tab at the right.

It is the setting for you to assign incoming messages from new customers if no other rules of incoming messages have been triggered.

You could assign it either to a specific person, by queue, or leave it as unassigned.

  1. Specific Person: All conversations will be assigned to one staff. By default, it will be assigned to the Admin who first opened the account.

  2. By Queue: Conversations will be assigned to staff one by one in a round table manner. For example, if you have 4 staff, it will be assigned like Staff 1 -> Staff 2 -> Staff 3 -> Staff 4 -> Staff 1 -> .....

  3. Unassigned: Conversations will be left as unassigned will remain in the tool for all admin/ staff to pick up the conversations. The first staff who replied will take the conversations.

If you want to add other conditions and actions when there is a new incoming message e.g. from a specific channel & at a specific time -> assign to a team, please set an additional rule for incoming messages on top of the default assignment rule.

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