Manage different roles accessibility to receiving notifications, becoming collaborators and default channel viewings.


For unassigned conversations, you can manage which role(s) will receive push notifications.

Each role (I.e. Staff, Admin, Team Admin) will have different rights within the platform. Please see agent roles in this section.

Check all three boxes if you wish everyone to receive notifications for unassigned conversations.


You can assign different roles to become a collaborator after replying to a message. Once assigned, the user with the relevant role will automatically become a collaborator in the conversation.

For conversation that has been assigned to teammates, by default, all roles remained as collaborators.

Please uncheck if you do not need certain roles to remain as collaborators.


You will be able to decide on the roles that can view and send messages from default channels only.

When these boxes are unchecked, not only all users can send messages in their default channels but view messages from all other channels too.

Please note this feature (channels) is exclusively available for premium plan and above only.

Sort Messages

You can change the default settings for sorting messages here.

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