Setting messages automatically to Open, Snooze or Closed

Under actions, you can change if messages sent by you will be displayed immediately, hidden until a certain period of time be hidden indefinitely until the client responds.

Opening Messages

You can add this to messages that you want to open (e.g. Clients that need to be checked) and those messages will be placed in the open after this rule is set.

This can also be used for different status updates that your team needs to reply to, such as when someone unsubscribes your service.

Snoozing messages

You can add this to messages that you want to snooze (e.g. Weekends) and the new messages will appear after the set time (Actions: Set Status: Snooze: Duration).

This function is good for hiding conversations for a short while, please refer to the Closed if you want to hide the conversations indefinitely until the client replies.

Closing Messages

You can add this to messages that you want to close (e.g. Opt Out scenarios) and the message will be hidden until the client replies.

Please note that closing the conversation with the example above does not block the user from contacting you.

If you want to block the user from appearing in Open Create a new list in put the users you want to Block in there Set New Automation -> Scenario: Incoming Messages Conditions: List is (the block list name) Actions: Set Status as Closed

Apply a Template

If you wish to move inactive conversations from Open to Close periodically, you can refer to the guide below

page16. Auto Close Conversations

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