Messaging API for WhatsApp

SleekFlow is Meta's badged Business partner specializing in WhatsApp Business API.

As Official Business Solution Provider (BSP), SleekFlow hosts WhatsApp Business API clients. Users can access and use the API by calling the provided endpoints.

Embedded Signup

Signup Process


To start with the signup process, you MUST need the following:

  • A valid phone number without use in any WhatsApp App or WhatsApp Business App

  • Admin Access to your company's Facebook Business Manager account

Step 1: Login SleekFlow API portal

Step 2: Add new number

Click Add new number

Click Continue on Facebook

Step 3: Signup

The system will prompt an embedded signup window.

Step 4: Select a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

1. Select a Facebook Business Account

Choose your existing Facebook Business Account

Or Create a new Facebook Business Account

2. Select a WhatsApp Business Account

Create a new WhatsApp Business Account.

Name your WhatsApp Business Account and select the timezone.

Step 5: Create a WhatsApp Profile

Choose your WhatsApp display Name.

The display name must match your legal business name and have a clear relation with the business.

Please refer to this guideline for more details.

Choose the business category and description (optional).

Step 6: Number Registration

Verify phone number

Fill in the phone number you want to register for this WhatsApp account.

Choose either "Text Message" or "Voice Call" to receive the 6-digit verification code.

If you are using an existing WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business number to apply. you are required to delete the WhatsApp account associated with the phone number.

Please refer to this guide and follow the instruction:

pageDelete WhatsApp account

Enter the code and click the Verifybutton.

Step 7: Select the phone number to connect

Select the phone number and click Confirm

Step 8: Added new number

The phone number is now a SleekFlow Messaging API number!

Step 9: Generate API key

Select a WhatsApp number > Manage API Key

Click Copy to clipboard to get your API Key, you may then use it to connect to your own CRM system.

‼️ Get New API Key ‼️

Getting a new API will revoke the previous key connection, you will need to reconnect again with the new key.

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