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Incoming Messages

Send auto-replies to new/old customers and assign them to specific staff or by queue.
When a customer sends you a message on any messaging channel, you can set rules to send auto-replies to them. There are many variations on how to use this scenario including keyword auto-reply, off business hours auto-reply, and much more.
Set "Contact Owner is unknown" or enable Only New Contacts if you only want to trigger automation for new contacts.
Enable "Only New Contacts"
You will then find the automation rules under Incoming Messages for Newly Added Contact
In order to set up auto-replies for your company, click on the templates below:
Greet new customers who come through Live Chat, FB Ads, etc. and assign them to staff
Welcome returning customers with a warm greeting and personalized message
Write a customized auto-reply for customers who talk to you during off business hours and assign them to staff
Reply new customers based on specific keywords and assign to specific staff
Reply customers when they respond to a campaign message that has options of purchase
Reassign to a specific person or by queue when a returning customer sends you a message

You can use Interactive Messages to increase the interactions between you and your customers.