Upload backup chat file to SleekFlow

Import the backup chat files to SleekFlow when your Official WhatsApp API is ready.

Import WhatsApp chat files to SleekFlow

1. Upload the zip file

Navigate to Settings > WhatsApp BackUp Chats.

A. Not yet connected the Official WhatsApp API channel to SleekFlow

You need to apply and connect to an Official WhatsApp API channel first.

Application process

B. Having an existing Official WhatsApp channel

Select an existing channel.

Please enter the phone number of your backup chat history.

Drag and drop the zip file to the box to upload and sync your backup chat history to SleekFlow.

The system can proceed with the zip file within 20MB only, any zip file greater than 20MB cannot be able to upload.

If it is greater than 20MB, please break it down into different files to upload several times.

2. Importing chat history

A progress bar will appear to allow you to track the importing process when all files are synced. You can still browse the website while your chat history is uploading.

Upon completion, a green notification bar will appear with a checkmark.

3. Chat history imported to SleekFlow

Please ensure that you see a green bar after uploading all your files. Click the NEXT button to proceed. You can see all your uploaded conversations under the Inbox.

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