SleekFlow Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your workspace by verifying your account for new device or browser logins.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security measure used to enhance the protection of online accounts and services. It adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two different types of authentication factors to verify their identity, to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems.

How to enable 2FA?


  • Admin can control (enable/disable) 2FA by user role

  • Available for Paid subscription plan

Step 1

Settings → Profile → Security

Step 2

Toggle the On/Off button, select the desired roles, and click Save

Step 3

The system will prompt the following message after enabling 2FA

Step 4

Once the admin enables 2FA:

  • Users with corresponding roles will receive a 2FA invitation email with the subject line "Invite to two-factor authentication (2FA)"

  • Users will remain logged in and will not be forced to log out.

  • If a user logs out and then logs back in, they will be required to enroll in 2FA.

Enroll 2FA

Please follow the below guide to enroll 2FA

pageEnroll SleekFlow 2FA

Login with 2FA

Step 1. Login with your own credentials

Step 2: Get your code from the authenticator app

Get the 6 digits one-time code from your authenticator app and enter in below screen and click Continue

How to reset my 2FA?

If you lose your device or don't have access to your authenticator app, you will need to contact our customer support.

Once your two-factor authentication (2FA) is revoked, the system will invalidate your previous authentication key. You can then scan the QR code again to enroll in 2FA when signing in.

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