Migrate from other BSPs

Switch your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) from other Business Solution Providers (BSPs)

Phone numbers currently being used with the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp App cannot be migrated using this process. Please refer to the guide below for instructions on how to apply the Official WhatsApp API directly.

Application process

What are the items that will be migrated?

  • Only high-quality message templates are migrated in this process

  • Chat history CANNOT be migrated

Pre-requisites for Migration

Preparation checklist

These prerequisites are Mandatory for processing your migration request.

Partial or incomplete information cannot be processed and may extend the time, or cancel the request altogether for the migration.

  1. Ensure you have Facebook Business Manager Admin Access. You can check through your access here.

  1. Confirm your Facebook Business Manager ID.

  2. Facebook Business Account is Verified.

Retrieve your Business Manager ID and check on the verified status on this page. See sample below

  1. Phone number is active to receive a 6 Digit PIN Code via SMS or Phone Call.

  2. Current WhatsApp's Display name

Retrieve the WhatsApp Display name on this page. See sample below

  1. Please make sure the WhatsApp number two-step verification (2FA) is disabled.

Turn off WhatsApp Number Two-step verification

Migration Steps

Step 1. Login to SleekFlow > Channels > WhatsApp Official API > Click Connect.

Step 2. Click Pay US$15 via Stripe.

This will bring you to the payment page to pay accordingly.

$15.00 will be charged monthly for each connected WhatsApp phone number

Step 3. Click Connect an existing Cloud API number to SleekFlow platform

Step 4. Login to Facebook Business Manager

Step 5. Confirm you have selected the correct Meta business account. Click "Next"

Step 6. Create a WhatsApp Business Account

6.1 Fill in a new WhatsApp business account name, click Next

The name is for internal reference only.

6.1. System will open up a popup window. You should see your FB login name to continue. Click Continue as to the next step.

6.2 Review what Sleekflow is requesting permission to do, click Continue

6.3 Complete the create new WABA account steps, click Finish

Step 7. Click Previous to back to connect WhatsApp API page

Step 8. Click Connect Cloud API using a new phone number

8.1 Confirm you have selected the correct Meta business account, click "Next"

8.2 Choose the newly created WhatsApp Business account, and select Create a WhatsApp Business profile

8.3 Key in the exact same WhatsApp Display name and select the Category of your business.

The display name of the WhatsApp Business profile must remain the same as before.

Step 9. Choose a verification method

Either by SMS or phone call. Please ensure the phone number is active to receive either one. Click Get a code. There will be a 6-digit code sent from the system.

Step 10. Fill in the code and click Next

Step 11. Enter channel name

Please enter a channel name for this newly migrated phone number. This is for internal reference. ClickSubmit.

Step 12. You're all set!

The account is now connected to SleekFlow!

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