14. Send Booking Reminders

Remind customers of their appointments a couple of days before their appointment

Scenario - Scheduled Actions

Create rule under Automation and select Scheduled Actions as the Scenario for this rule.

Schedule a message to be sent on the day before the customer has an appointment as a reminder.


"Appointment Date" "Before Scheduled Date" "1 day"

Before Scheduled Date 1 day means that if the rule was created/renewed at 9pm, it will include all appointments that are till 9pm the next day.

You can also set "Appointment Date is exactly (Choose your date)" to send your reminder on the day.

Time of sending should also be set for when the message is sent: (e.g. Daily at 09:30).


"Send Message" Customise your message content to send to your leads. You can add more than 1 message and insert customised parameters such as the first name they filled.

Add wait time, eg. 5 minutes, to send another message/image for the conversation to be more natural.

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