How to setup Click to WhatsApp ads (CTWA)

Click-to WhatsApp ads are a type of advertising format available on Facebook and Instagram. These ads combine the strengths of social media and WhatsApp messaging by featuring a "WhatsApp" button as the call-to-action, creating a connection between the two together.

Ads that click to WhatsApp offer businesses a quick and convenient way to reach large audiences, generate leads, facilitate discovery, drive sales, and foster loyalty. By initiating a conversation in WhatsApp, these ads allow customers to engage with the business, providing a valuable entry point to enhance the messaging experience.

Conversations initiated through ads that click to WhatsApp are free of charge. These conversations, known as "Free-Entry-Point Conversations," remain open for a customer window of 72 hours.

Ads that Click to WhatsApp can be displayed on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Setup Steps

To create ads that direct users to WhatsApp from Ads Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the WABA is connected to the Facebook page that will be used for this ad.

  2. Go to Ad Creation within Ads Manager.

  3. Choose "Engagement" as your objective.

  4. Set your campaign budget and click "Next".

  5. Under "Conversion Location", select "Messaging Apps".

  6. In the "Messaging Apps" section, choose "WhatsApp".

  7. Under "Ad Type", select "Click to Message".

  8. For ads using the "Engagement" objective, go to the "Accounts" section and select the relevant WhatsApp number from the dropdown menu.

  9. Choose your audience, placements, budget, and schedule, and click "Next".

  10. Select your ad format and complete the setup.

  11. Click "+ Create" to create your flow, and click "Save and Finish" when you're done.

  12. Finally, click "Publish" to publish your ad.

Customize autofill messages

Only for Traffic & Engagement Objectives in Ads Manager

When a customer clicks on an ad that redirects to WhatsApp, the chat thread opens with an autofill message "I saw this ad on Facebook". However, this message may seem generic and unnatural.

Now, businesses have the option to customize the autofill message for Traffic and engagement objectives. This allows them to set their own message, which can drive more conversations. Please note that if you are already using icebreakers:

  1. The "I saw this ad on Facebook" message will not show up.

  2. You will not be able to set up an autofill message because Meta only allows the use of either autofill or icebreakers for an ad (Customization can be done for the message as shown below: "Hello! Can I get more info on this?")

Greeting Message (Icebreakers): The Greeting Message, also known as Icebreakers, is the first thing consumers encounter when they see an advertisement. It serves as the initial point of contact with potential customers. An example of a greeting message is "Hi! Please let us know how we can help you."

Autofill Message: On the other hand, the Autofill Message is what appears when a consumer starts a chat with a business on WhatsApp. It's the first message they see when they decide to connect.

Suggest considering your engagement strategy and choosing between Icebreakers or Customized Autofill based on your specific needs and objectives.

Both of these features can be powerful tools for driving more meaningful conversations with consumers. The key is to select the option that aligns best with your business's goals and communication style.

Only one auto-fill message per ad can be set. It applies across placements. There is an 80-character limit.

You can customize the autofill message for Click to WhatsApp ad campaigns that use the Traffic and Engagement objectives directly from the Ads Manager.

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