Trigger mechanism

Know how the system triggers the automation.


The system triggers one rule only when the conditions are met within the same scenario.

Automation rules will run from top to bottom, and only one rule from each scenario will run.

For example:

If the first rule condition is met, then it will run. The rest of the same scenario rules will not run. If the conditions of the first rule are not met, the system will check the second rule to run and so on.

Allow continue to trigger

You can enable "Allow rule continue to trigger" in each automation rule.

After the rule is triggered, the system will continue to check other rules in corresponding order within the same scenario.

For example:

Once enabled in the first rule - “Incoming Messages,” the system will run the rule if the rule’s condition is met.

The system will continue to check the following rules from top to bottom. If the second rule - "Squid Game Invitation" condition is met, the system will also run the rule.

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