Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook page with SleekFlow and reveal your lead’s social media identity. See and reply to messages in your team inbox.

Facebook Messenger (or simply Messenger) is a messaging app and platform developed by Facebook. The service has 2.41 billion monthly active users as of second quarter of 2019. It is the biggest social network worldwide.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger supports a wide range of features, including quick replies and location prompts. It also has its own parametric codes that users can scan similarly to QR codes to easily start chatting with you.

Setting up Facebook

In order to connect Facebook Messenger to SleekFlow, you will need the followings:

When a visitor sends you a message on Facebook, it'll be directed to SleekFlow.

If you have not created a Facebook Page for your business, click here for a detailed instructions from Facebook.

Install Facebook Messenger on SleekFlow Platform

Please navigate to SleekFlow Platform - Channel. Click "Add" button by navigating to the dots button next to "Facebook Messenger".

SleekFlow Channels

Click Install Button, which'll take you to Facebook to grant permissions.

Continue with your Facebook Profile. If you haven't signed in yet, please enter your Facebook log-in credentials to continue.

Select the page you'd like to connect SleekFlow to.

You can now connected to multiple Facebook Pages to SleekFlow now. Simply add the page again after you have successfully integrate with this one.

Click "Done" after checking that all permissions are granted.

Click "OK" to finish the authorisation process.

Click "Done" to complete the setup process.

Please check that the right page is selected to connect to SleekFlow.

Choose your page and click done to complete the process.

Congratulations! Your SleekFlow account is now connected to Facebook.

All future messages sent to your Facebook Page will now appear on the SleekFlow Platform.

SleekFlow will also load your 10 most recent conversations to the Platform at the background. Please wait patiently while the conversations start appearing in the inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request older conversations to load into SleekFlow?

Yes. You can click "Action" and "Sync History" to retrieve your 100 most recent conversations. For other conversations, the older messages shall appear when the contact sent a new message to you.

What should I do if Facebook messages do not appear?

These happen when page permissions are dropped by Facebook, if the Facebook Page admin changes their password or due to other unexpected reasons. Please disconnect and repeat the steps above to grant permissions.