Turn on 2FA on Facebook account

To cope with Facebook policy on account security, you must turn on 2FA before proceeding

Turn on 2-Factor Authentication

Navigate to your personal Facebook account.

Go to Security and login > Two Factor Authentication

1. Turn on SMS

Choose an existing phone number or add a phone number.

You can use your personal mobile number to receive SMS code.

Enter the 6-digit code to finish the setup.

2.Turn On Authenticator

Recommend using Google Authenticator. Download link: iOS , Android

Use your authentication app to scan the QR code or enter the code into your authentication app, and click "Continue".

Authenticator setup.

DO NOT remove the app after set up. Otherwise, the code cannot be retrieved.

3. SMS & Authenticator 2FA is set up

Screen-cap the above page to the onboarding specialist for verification.

You can continue the 360dialog signup process.

Apply via 360dialog

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