Facebook Rules

Set automated rules to connect with customers from Facebook Page instantly

Setting automated Facebook rule is a great tool for businesses to:

  1. Keep up with the Social Media Algorithm - Drive more impressions & reach → showing your post to more people

  2. Generate Leads - Turn people into customers by initiating direct messages

  3. Segmentation - Segment users based on comments’ keywords for retargeting

  4. Free Marketing Tool - For example, you can drive organic growth with your own product/service giveaways instead of using paid ads

Post Comment

Post Comment automation rule allows you to reply to your customer’s enquiries instantly when they leave a comment on your Facebook post.

By setting this automation, it can help your business to:

  1. Reduce response time and make your customers feel valued

  2. Optimize the conversion rate with a streamlined engagement


1. Connect your Facebook account to SleekFlow

For users who did not connect to any Facebook accounts with SleekFlow before.

To create and run Facebook rules, you must first connect your Facebook Page with SleekFlow.

You can refer to this guide on how to connect Facebook with SleekFlow.

pageFacebook Messenger

2. Reconnect page

For users who have connected Facebook Page with SleekFlow previously

1. Go to Channel → Press the Add Button (You don’t have to remove the existing connection)

2. Turn on all the toggles & click Done to continue

Create rule

Step 1: Go to Automation and click Create Rule

Step 2: Select Customize a Rule

Step 3: Go to Facebook tab and select Post Comment

Step 4: Rename the Title of the Automation Rule

Select the post you would like to trigger Comment Reply or initiate a Direct Message to the user.

You can select Specific Posts or All Posts.

Posts that are in draft status are unavailable to select

Step 5: You can add keywords under Conditions.

Keywords are optional and case insensitive.

For example, if users commented "Learn more/LEARN MORE/learn more" under the selected posts, it will trigger the action.

Step 6: Configure the content

You can configure the Comment Reply Message (Reply in Comment) & Direct Message (Send Direct Message).

  1. Under Reply in Commentyou can enable or disable Like the comments from users

  2. UnderSend Direct Messageyou can select Plain Text or Media to be sent.

Besides these two actions, if you wish to add another action you can click Add Action on the bottom

Step 7: Publish and track post performance.

Click View Rule History to further explore Contact Profile and Date Triggered.

You can monitor post performance with the following campaign metrics:

  1. The number of users who commented and direct messages sent

  2. The number of new contacts

  3. The number of users that replied via Inbox

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