Add an Additional Number

Connect additional number through your 360 client hub

Due to security reasons, each WABA account can only add two phone numbers by default. Please contact Customer Support if you need to add more.

Add a new phone number

To connect an additional number to an existing 360 dialog WhatsApp Business Account, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your existing 360 Client Hub

  2. Click on WhatsApp Accounts on the menu bar

4. Fill in the requested information

  • WhatsApp Business account (Choose the existing account)

  • Phone Number (The number you would like to add)

  • Default Language

  • Verification Method (SMS/Voice)

5. Save and submit

The first channel(s) via the Signup form will continue to use the Embedded Sign up to add further phone numbers through an informative popup.

Connect new channel to SleekFlow

Once your new WhatsApp number is ready, you can connect to your SleekFlow platform.

  1. Go to Channels > Add Channels > Add

2. Choose "I already have a 360 Dialog account"

3. Copy the API key for your new number from your 360 Client Hub account.

Click on "Generate API Key" to get the API key for your new number.

Please do not click the "Generate API Key" after you have successfully connected the channel to the platform, or it will revoke your existing key and need to connect again.

4. Enter the API key and Channel name, click on "Submit"

5. New number connected to the platform

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