Add Channels

Choose your preferred channel to connect

You can connect three different types of channels Social Channels, Commerce, and Integration.

Social Channels

Connect your preferred social channels to your SleekFlow account by clicking on Connect.

You may follow the guides below to connect to your preferred Social Channels.

pageWhatsApp (Official) - SleekFlowpageFacebook MessengerpageInstagrampageWeChatpageLinepageSMSpageViberpageTelegram


You can connect your Shopify account and your Stripe account to have a commerce feature to your SleekFlow account.

You may follow the guides below to connect to Shopify or Stripe.



SleekFlow allows you to connect third-party integration such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Make, Zapier and etc.

You may follow the guides below to connect to an integration.

pageSalesforce CRMpageHubSpot CRMpageMakepageZapier - Getting StartedpageFacebook Lead AdspageAPI


Once you have connected successfully the channels will be displayed under the Connected Channels.

For WhatsApp, Commerce and Integration channels are for Pro, Premium, and Higher tier Plan users only.

You can Book a consultation with our consultant to learn more.

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