Creating a SleekFlow Account
Signing up a free company account on SleekFlow.
First, start by entering your email address or sign up with Google.
If your teammates have already created a company account, please ask the account owner to invite you to the company, instead of creating a new company account here.
Sign Up
You will not be able to create 2 accounts with the same email address. Please contact customer support should you require removing one of the existing SleekFlow accounts.
Provide some of your background information to start with.
Your mobile number is required for customer support purposes.
Sign Up
After creating your company account, answer a few questions so we can understand more about your company's uses cases. This helps us tailor a personalized onboarding experience.
You will then be guided through the fundamentals of SleekFlow.
Congratulations! You have completed the sign-up journey, and on to our Get Started Guide.
Getting Started
Follow the sequences of the above grids and start by connecting your channels, or start exploring various features of SleekFlow to help simplify workflow and automate customer journey!
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